Nylon-Zytel Round Plastic Washers, plastics washers, non-metal washers

Standard uses for Brewster Washers Products include:

Some of our washers are used in the standard way washers are meant to be used; as a barrier between the bolt head and the finished area. This also allows for a load to be spread over a larger area which can in turn extend the life expectancy of a bolted joint.
- Copper washers are sometimes used as a seal washer or crush washer between two parts.
- Copper and Phosphor Bronze washers are also used as part of a folding mechanism in the building of specialty knives and at times used as a decorative feature.
- Aluminum washers are used when customers need a light washer but it needs to be strong enough to withstand extreme pressure.
- Brewster Washers also offers many types of plastic washers for customers who need a stable, non- magnetic affordable alternative to metal washers.

Our Flat Round Washers, Discs and Shims are listed as:
  • Gaskets
  • Gear Blanks
  • Bearing Retainers
  • Belleville Washers
  • Bowed Washers
  • Metal and Plastic Spacers
  • Dust Covers
  • Pivot Washers
  • Retaining Rings
  • Sealing Rings
  • Shim Washers
  • Spring Washers, Tension Washers
  • Sprocket Washers
  • Three Hole Shims
  • Washers (such as Precision flat metal washers, Precision metal stamping)
  • Washers (such as Specialty parts) manufactured using our Custom Precision machining process.
  • Waved Washers
Our Round Flat Washers are fabricated in the following materials: