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16 Kulick Road

Fairfield, New Jersey  07004

Phone: 973-227-1050


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We manufacture Non-Metallic Round Flat Washers,

Nylon and Teflon Flat Washers,

Precision Plastic Washers, 

Plastic Discs and Spacers


  • Extremely good electrical insulator

  • Less expensive and an alternative to Kapton

  • Dimensionally stabile


  • Excellent anti-frictional properties

  • Heat resistant to 400°F

  • Stronger than nylon and better dimensional stability

  • Not recommended for an electrical insulator



"Your Blueprint is Our Catalog"

Color-Coded Plastic Washers:

  • Our non-metallic flat washers can be manufactured in various sizes and thicknesses from .0005" to .030", each in its own color for instant and accurate thickness identification

  • All of our non-metal washers are rust-proof

  • Our Plastics Washers are Non-hygroscopic

  • Most are Impervious to oils

  • Our Flat Round Plastic Washers are economical

  • Color Coded or Clear

  • No tooling charges!

  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified

  • DTCC Registration # is M28972

  • US/Canada Defense Logistics Joint Registration #DD2345

  • DFARS 252.225-7009 Compliant Metals

  • Cage Code: 08555

SUPPORTING U.S.A. MANUFACTURING - Always committed to producing the best products,

Brewster Washers continues to offer precision parts

made by the American Workforce.